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KernelCare Enterprise takes on most of the patching lifecycle tasks and completes them in four steps without a system reboot reducing typical patch cycle tasks by 60%! Once this process is finished, your Linux kernels are protected against all known kernel vulnerabilities.

We are not just throwing you a trial key and documentation. Our experts will help you define criteria for success, get you set up with the specific configuration you need, and assist you along the way to ensure your trial experience goes flawlessly.

We're confident that this 7-Day Supported Trial will give your organization an excellent opportunity to experience the various benefits of KernelCare. If you would like assistance setting up your test scenario, let us know, we would be happy to assist.

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"Even with a well-managed data centre, an expedited reboot of all your server infrastructure is a daunting feat. When a serious kernel vulnerability is released, KernelCare Enterprise affords us the ability to comprehensively address the issue in a timely manner and without rebooting."

-Ben Heiskell, Director, Infrastructure Software Engineering at Datto



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