Implement security patches to your Linux systems without ever bringing them down.

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your servers for seven days.

With KernelCare Enterprise, Linux kernels receive automated security patches applied with zero downtime.

Unlike other patching processes that require scheduled reboot windows, have narrow supportability, and require expensive support contracts, KernelCare Enterprise delivers complete protection and support but never gets in the way of getting the job done.

Group 228-1

Eliminate maintenance windows & keep 100% uptime
of critical Linux components.

All patches are applied while the system is running, without any reboot or service interruption. No more lost evenings or early mornings. 

Group 230-1
Avoid non-compliance issues & security breaches due to unpatched Linux systems.

Security patches for critical system components are deployed in less than 4 hours after becoming available. This is the smallest possible risk window achievable in today’s IT security environment.

Group 229-1
Eradicate compatibility issues and optimize your server disk space usage.

There is no need to change your Linux server infrastructure to accommodate KernelCare Enterprise - it just fits right in like a glove.

Our engineers will have you up and running with our automated live patching solution in 15 minutes. 

KernelCare Enterprise Live Patching services is available for over 40 Linux distributions.


Our customers never miss a critical patch as they get the latest security patch release automatically.

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